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Firefly 6 is here!

We're really pleased to announce the arrival of Firefly 6! 

Firefly 6 was created hand-in-hand with teachers, students and parents, to help us build a tool that will better support their day-to-day work, and facilitate teaching, learning and collaboration more effectively.

We've talked before about the design principles that guided the work when we first introduced Firefly 6, so here's a run down of what you can actually expect to find when you login and start using Firefly in your school. 

Christmas is coming!

Unless you have been living in a cave located in remote Outer Mongolia, you cannot help but be aware that Christmas is fast approaching.

I took it upon myself to bake the family christmas cake. This was not an inconsequential undertaking, my Mother’s christmas cakes being legendary - not least for the fact that it wasn’t safe to drive a car or operate heavy machinery after a slice.

Apron donned, I surveyed the kitchen with a certain degree of trepidation. Where to start? Well, I’ve watched Bake Off, how hard can it be?

Firefly and RM Books for flipped homework

New integration between Firefly and RM Unify enables teachers to create Flipped Homework tasks for their students by drawing on the full range of available cloud learning resources made available by RM.

We're delighted to be working with RM, who are doing exciting things when it comes to flipped learning and creating richer resources for students.

This integration enables homework set through Firefly to include a quality e-textbook within RM Books. These ebooks act as the spine for the flipped learning task, where teachers can use overlays to work 'on top' of the online text book. 

Firefly on the Edtech Podcast: What do schools really want from their data?

Interview with Firefly and former Assistant Headteacher, Rob Eastment, on the findings of an exclusive YouGov survey looking at what senior leaders want from their school data.

Rob, interviewed by Sophie Bailey (founder of the Edtech Podcast), discusses areas such as parents evenings and reports, how schools can learn from parallel industries including aviation and healthcare, and changes in data, the cloud and security.

Interested in the full report?

Tudor Hall’s school-wide news project - video

The Tudor Tribune was a two day, school-wide news project. Each of the school's four houses created a modern news website (think Buzzfeed or the Guardian online). Students worked across year groups, collaborating to publish news with urgency, accuracy and editorial direction. Stories and news items were created by the teachers at Tudor Hall, including a graffiti artist at work to the Virgin Mary appearing on some toast!

Got a story to tell and interested in having your school feature in a Firefly video? Get in touch with Alex (

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