Learning Conference 2015 - Round Table and Show & Tell Topics

Round table: Spotlight on..

This is an exciting new addition to our afternoon program at the conference. Participating in our spotlight sessions you will give you the opportunity to really focus on the role education technology has on an area that is relevant to you.

Round table topics include:

Senior Leadership

What’s the real impact of educational strategies or the adoption of new technology in your school?

Firefly outside lessons

Firefly for sports teams, music groups, drama productions, pastoral activities and other areas of school life.

Strategies & ideas for using Firefly over time

How does Firefly use develop as your school develops?

New features and shortcuts

The firefly team have some neat tips to show you - feel free to share some of your own as well!

Firefly for younger learners

How can Firefly help Primary, Junior, Prep and Early Years teachers?

Flipped Learning

Real experiences of flipping the classroom

Parental Engagement

Keeping parents in the loop - how does this improve outcomes?

Show & Tell @ #fireflylc

Our Show & Tell sessions will give you a chance to meet other teachers and the Firefly team, share best practice, and learn new approaches to digital education. Show & Tells are designed to allow schools to network and share good practice in a relaxed and informal environment.

Session A - 14:00 - 14:55

"Using Student Digital Leaders to help run Firefly"

Jon Barker Science Teacher and James Hooper IT Technician at Highams Park School

“Supporting SEND and ESOL pupils using Firefly”

Victoria MacCaulay Science Teacher and Head of House at Sibford School

“Four years on - the challenges and rewards of making the most of Firefly”

Jonathan Allday, Director of Studies and Hamish Mackenzie, E-Learning Co-ordinator at Royal Hospital School

Session B - 14:55 - 15:45

“You are now connected: 26 ideas for using technology to support student, teacher and school community collaboration and communication... Plus a few more from the audience!”

Cat Scutt Head of Learning Technology and Innovation at the Girls’ Day School Trust

“Driving technology enhanced learning”

Tom Fitzjohn Assistant Principal Leader of Digital Learning at Caludon Castle School

“The impact of parent engagement on learning”

Dave Bugler Deputy Head at Bristol Cathedral Choir School

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